4th night free promotion –

Bookings must be direct with Chillawhile and not via 3rd party booking sites


 Artist Accommodation Promotion – 4th night accommodation FREE when you become a displayed artist at Chillawhile – paints, canvas, brushes, easel and art studio awaits – please be aware that the original art stays at Chillawhile and is displayed in our hostel and or art gallery – please be aware that photographic images are being put out to the world online by our guests, we also photograph the art and use for marketing of Chillawhile Backpackers Art Gallery – it is our intention to create custom made decks of playing cards illustrating the art for promotion of Chillawhile Backpackers Art Gallery – The artist is often unknown if the artist did not write their details on the painting.   The original painting is the property of Chillawhile Backpackers Art Gallery, copyright is retained by the artist and the image can be reproduced and used/sold in any form by the artist as the artist.

Please be aware after more than 10 years that Chillawhile has been open, there will come a time that the art will be sold and this will help for us to maintain keeping Chillawhile Backpackers Art Gallery open for future guests.

In staying at Chillawhile and participating in the spirit of Chillawhile and utilizing the art facilities and products you are entering into an agreement that the Original Art belongs to Chillawhile Backpackers Art Gallery, as the artist you retain the copyright and you are able to reproduce the painting and sell on mass in any form as you retain copyright ownership of the art, Chillawhile can use for marketing purposes, and no more.

We agree not to display online high quality images of art that would enable replication of the art, to further protect artists copyrights.

If you are a travelling artist with your own supplies, paints, brushes, canvas etc, then you are welcome to be inspired, paint at Chillawhile and of course take your painting.

Families with young children staying and painting can take their childs painting, and if we have time and it is possible to frame the painting we shall – (this will depend on time pressures and on our supplies at the time).


Guest musician 4th night free promotion.

Musician Accommodation Promotion – If you are travelling with a musical instrument, guitar, ukulele, harmonica… get your 4th night accommodation FREE!


guest artist Leonie from the UK

Writers Accommodation Promotion – 4th night accommodation FREE when you blog your Chillawhile in Oamaru experience and link to our web site www.chillawhile.co.nz



Fire Staff and Fire Poi Spinners Promotion – 4th night accommodation FREE when you come to Chillawhile with your own fire pois or staff and perform.


Elephant Rocks in Duntroon New Zealand near Oamaru

Rock Climbers Accommodation Promotion – 4th night accommodation FREE when you have your own rock climbing gear and use your time in Oamaru to experience climbing at Elephant Rocks.


Surfers Accommodation Promotion – 4th night accommodation FREE when you come to Oamaru with your own surf board and surf at Cambles Bay Kakanui – 15 minute drive from Oamaru.


Cyclist Accommodation Promotion – 4th night accommodation FREE if you are cycling New Zealand on your own bike, secure and easily accessible bike shelter with on site bicycle tool repair kit.